Morin The Painter

A long history of professional experience!

Morin the Painter offers quality services for both residential and commercial painting projects.  We’ve been painting since the 1930’s, staying abreast of the best products and techniques,  to complete a  beautiful finished project.

We are Lead Safe Certified painters, which means that we have proven that our work meets the criteria established by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  To learn more about being “Lead-Safe”, visit the EPA website

Our painting services include:

  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Residential and Commercial Painting
  • Modern and Historic Painting

So why hire a painter?

Painting is the one thing that so many people think they can do and then are amazed when their project goes wrong.  Choosing the right paint for each job is complicated and actually takes a great deal of research.  The other key aspect is preparing the surfaces to receive the paint and ensure adhesion.  Morin’s has decades of experience with today’s tools, products and technology but also in how things were done years ago.  We combine all of that knowledge and come up with a solution that is perfect for our clients.

We use only top quality products that have been well tested by us and that are sold by a paint store that will stand behind their products should the need ever arise our customer can feel safe that not only Morin the painter but the supplier of the paint will address any issues with their paint job in the future.

We at Morin’s pride ourselves in keeping our job site clean during and after the work is completed.  We also educate our customers on why each product has been chosen, how they can expect it to perform and how the customer can maintain their finishes in the future with ease. We do a yearly walk around any property we have painted, free of charge, and will give advice on what we feel needs to be done to keep the job looking good. Then the customers can choose to do the work themselves or to have us perform it.  The key to keeping those painting bills down is yearly maintenance. Once the job has been done right you can add years to the life of the job by following these recommendations.