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Morin the Painter Staff Photo May 12 1941

Morin the Painter Staff Photo May 12 1941

R.J.  Morin and Son Inc., also known as Morin the Painter, Morin Antiques and Morin’s Fine Furniture and Refinishing was started during the depression by Rower Joseph Morin.  During the depression, the president started a stimulus package to get people back to work and Morin the Painter was born.  The company  was  originally run out of his home on Drummond Street in Auburn, Maine, but quickly grew and moved to what is now the Great Falls Plaza and where TD Bank  now resides.  In the 1960’s, the city of Auburn wanted to beautify that area and we were moved to our address on Turner Street.  In our last move we separated the facility with our retail store now on Center street in Auburn and our commercial site into the Pamco Shoe Building in Lewiston.

Morin’s was primarily a painting company for many years but we also refinished floors. The floor refinishing led us to furniture refinishing and when James Betsch (son in law to Mr Morin) took over as president, he expanded the furniture  refinishing department which would eventually lead him to the world of buying and selling turn of the century oak furniture.  In the 1980, when oak furniture was at it highest demand James Betsch made a name for the company to have beautiful restored oak furniture for sale and for a short time even had an outlet store in Freeport, Maine.

In the mid 1990’s we were introduced to the Amish made furniture by another antique dealer that thought we could have success selling their products.  The Amish make their furniture the right way and after refinishing furniture for more than 50 years we knew what it took in a builder to make a piece of furniture that would last.  For a short time we even shipped our antiques and Amish furniture all over the U.S., but when the fuel costs skyrocketed, shipping became too costly.

Today we have a full line of custom made Amish furniture and turn of the century antique oak furniture for sale.  We have a brand new commercial site, which has allowed us to take on large restoration projects like the Iron horse Train Station and Bates College Chapel.  We have over 75 years in business and look forward to many years to come.

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