Welcome to Morin’s Fine Furniture & Refinishing!

Dining Set at Morin's Fine FurnitureMorin’s Fine Furniture & Refinishing, a fourth-generation family-owned business, specializes in furniture repair and refinishing. We’ve perfected the art of restoring heirlooms to maintain and enhance the value of your antiques, using only the finest products and stains we mix ourselves. Morin’s handles projects of all sizes, from a loose chair arm repair to large commercial restorations. Refinishing is not limited to antiques. We refinish any wood furniture to give you the updated look you seek limited only by your imagination. Morin’s carries a full line of c. 1900s antique oak furniture, and we can help you locate any piece. We also offer handcrafted Amish furniture.

Let us design the perfect piece you’ve always wanted. Let Amish craftsmen turn your new piece into tomorrow’s antique.

Morin’s provides the finest-quality, hand-crafted, timeless furniture. You are going to love it!

Why Choose Morin’s?

Customer service is Morin’s biggest priority. We want all of our customers to walk away feeling that they were treated with respect and had a rewarding experience. Whether their project involves refinishing one cherished item or restoring a large historic project, we are constantly reminded that people are emotionally attached to their furniture. We have had many stories over the years, from, “Please do not sand out those teeth marks—this is the rocker my mom rocked me in and those are from my baby teeth” to “My grandfather used to light his desk return on fire to thrill us as kids, so don’t sand out the burn mark.” Some pieces are so transformed that customers do not recognize their own furniture, which is usually followed by lots of tears and “Oh, my goodness, I had no idea.”

When dealing with historic restoration, we take painstaking steps to keep pieces as original as possible—yet still make them functional. Generations of knowledge, handed down through our family, enables us to employ many unique techniques throughout our meticulous restoration process.

When selling furniture, whether it’s an antique piece that we restore or a piece of new Amish furniture that we have had custom-crafted especially for you, we work with each customer so that when the pieces are ready for delivery, you get exactly what you were expecting. The items we sell either have already passed the tests of time or were built to become tomorrow’s antiques. The range of what we can find or have built for you is limited only by your imagination. Bring us your dreams and we will make them a reality.

Residential and Commercial Painting

Morin’s started as a painting company, and although we have diversified, we continue to offer painting services. Whether you’re a homeowner who needs your house painted inside or out, a builder looking to contract for a single unit or an entire complex, or a property manager seeking a long-term, paint-maintenance program, you can trust Morin’s to deliver quality work at competitive prices.

As with everything we do, we make every effort to ensure that the job is done professionally and with the latest technology available, including “green” painting products. We also educate our customers about what we are doing and why, so you can better understand the process and the “do’s and don’ts” for keeping your home looking wonderful for as long as possible.